1 Piece Wedding Favor Box
1 Piece Wedding Favor Box 2 Piece Wedding Favor Box and Heart Shaped Truffles 4 Piece Truffles boxes for events Dark and Milk Chocolate Truffles
$ 3.50

Looking for a handsome gift for your friends and attendants? Or a beautiful table favor for each of your guests?

Our chocolates are a thoughtful sign of appreciation that fit a wide variety of tastes and styles. We can personalize our boxes (made of recycled paperboard) just for you — from two-piece boxes up to 28-piece assortments from any of our collections.

Or, if you'd like, we would love to design a chocolate that has special meaning for you and your partner!

Give us a call for more info at 207-887-9763, but below is a quick guide to help answer some questions.


If you want to include any of our Farm Market Collection truffles in a boxed assortment, add .60 more per truffle.


Custom Transfer charges-    (Allow 4-6 weeks)                                    

Minimum of 250- 1 Time setup fee.                                              

$175 for setup fee of one color                               

$275 for two colors                             

$375 for three colors   

Add .75 per truffle that has a logo applied.                              . 


Custom ribbon-       

(Allow 4-6 weeks)

1 Time setup fee.

Set up fee - $75.00

Cost per roll – $105.00

 One roll makes about 200 8 piece boxes


Customized Scroll-  (If interested request a sample.)        

$2.00 per box                                                                                                                               


5% off for orders between $500-$1,499

10% off for orders between $1,500-$2,999

15% off for orders over $3,000