Chocolate Gift for Expecting Parents
Chocolate Gift for Expecting Parents Milk Chocolate Truffle Earl Grey Tea Chocolate Farm Market Truffles Good Food Award Winning Truffles Mint, Black Currant Farm Market Collection 18 Piece Box Sea Salt Caramel Dark Chocolate
$ 514.55

Gluten Free Chocolate

Expecting Parents Subscription

Have you ever met a pregnant lady who doesn't want chocolate?

Yah, we haven't either.

The mothers-to-be we've met at our tastings and in our stores have asked for this subscription. Over and over again. Finally: introducing the Nine Months of Chocolate gift subscription.

Expecting parents need a lot of things, but expecting moms want chocolate. Give the moms what they want.

At the beginning of each month we will send an 18 Piece Box of our truffles or Caramels.  Then, on the 9th Month we will send a Large Tower, decorated with some of our Baby Shower Chocolates, that have blue and pink carriages.