2 Piece Truffle Gift Box
2 Piece Truffle Gift Box Chocolate Corporate Gifts Rye Whiskey Caramel for Corporate Gifting Chocolate Gifts to Thank Your Team Small Truffle Gift Box
$ 5.50
Gluten Free Chocolate

Handmade chocolates go well with every kind of office occasion - the completion of small or large projects, staff birthdays, promotions, and the annual company party.

  • Outstanding Performance: Did your team knock it out of the park for a client? Show each of them your appreciation with their own 8-piece Grand Assortment.
  • Staff Birthdays: Are you in charge of putting together the birthday gift basket for a co-worker? Our Small Tower makes a big splash (and might even encourage sharing!)
  • Party Favors: Our 2-piece Chocolatier's Choice or our 4-piece Dark Chocolate Truffle box, are thoughtful, appreciated, and affordable favors for the always-fun company holiday party. Our 4-Piece Rye Whiskey Caramels or our 4-Piece Pear Champagne Truffles are perfect for a more formal soiree.