Making fabulous gourmet chocolates is our priority at Black Dinah Chocolatiers, ensuring that those chocolates arrive at their destination in the best possible condition. Considering where we live and work, this is sometimes a tall order. Bad weather, snow storms, or just the simple fact that our chocolates must travel from Maine can affect delivery schedules. We take great care in packaging our chocolates, but shipping in Maine can take a toll on boxes, particularly during the winter months. If for any reason your package arrives damaged, please call within 24 hours so we can address the problem.

If you order chocolate to be shipped to one of the warm weather areas, please check to make sure that the temperature is not above 85 degrees. If it is, we may insist that to avoid the recipient receiving a beautifully melted box of truffles, that you have your order overnighted, or wait until the temperature is cooler.

We are aware that the cost of shipping to certain locations is expensive, particularly in the summer, so we are pleased to offer you flat rate shipping of $9.95 on all orders, FREE shipping on orders over $60 in the state of Maine, and FREE shipping on all orders over $95.

Shipping Map


Important Shipping Information:

To limit time in-transit to two days, we do not ship orders over the weekends.

Orders received:

  • Between 9:01 pm Friday and 9:00 pm Sunday will go out on Monday.
  • By 9pm on Monday, will go out on Tuesday.
  • By 9pm on Tuesday, will go out on Wednesday.-This is the last day of the week to ship to the orange, green, purple sections.
  • By 9pm on Wednesday – orders to the Blue and pink sections will ship if they are going to a residential address. They will arrive either on Friday or Saturday.
  • By 9pm on Thursday – orders to the pink section will ship if they are going to a residential address. In Maine, only orders to southern Maine addresses will ship.
  • Call us if you wish to ship to Alaska, Hawaii or outside the US.
  • Call us if you wish to ship to APO’s and FPO’s.

For orders over $500.00, please call 207-887.9763

Current Shipping Rates:

  • $9.95 Flat rate shipping on all orders under $95
  • All orders over $60 are shipped free in Maine
  • All overs over $95 are shipped free elsewhere

Shipping Tips:

Double check your recipient’s address before submitting your order. Black Dinah Chocolatiers cannot be responsible for orders delayed or returned due to incorrect or undeliverable addresses provided by the customer.

Make sure you have your order shipped to someplace where your chocolates won’t sit outside in the heat. We recommend using a business address if nobody can be home to receive them.

Chocolate Tips: Our gourmet chocolates are best enjoyed within 3 weeks of receipt. If you would like to store them longer by refrigeration, first wrap the box tightly in plastic or place in a zippered bag with an airtight seal. When you are ready to enjoy them, let the gourmet chocolates come to room temperature before you unwrap them.