Chocolate Truffles 
and Caramels

We use single-origin chocolates from Venezuela and Peru. They’re made by people who don’t chop down lots of trees or enslave their neighbor’s kids in order to grow and harvest their cacao. They pay local farmers an above-market price for their beans, name their chocolates after the trees that gently shade their cacao plantations, and produce some of the best chocolate in the world. 
We like that, and we strive to serve our own local community in much the same way.

All of our fresh milk, cream and butter is produced in Maine, and all of the fresh fruits, vegetables, cheeses and herbs used in our confections come from family-owned farms or gardens within 50 miles of where we produce our chocolates. We make our chocolates by hand with our neighbors and friends in a solar-powered kitchen on a tiny island not too far from Blue Hill. 

Original Truffles 
(Hazelnut Latte, Lemon, Lavender, Sexy Mexi, Earl Grey, Bees & Flowers, Gonne Maude, 0-20 Degrees Latitude, Varietal, Chocolate Gingerbread, Eastside Flamingo) 
Flagship, Sea Turtle

Farm Market Truffles  (Seasonally available)
Cassis de Résistance, Tree to Sea Caramel, Northern Apple, New England Pumpkin Pie, Downeast Seabreeze, Blueberry-Black Pepper, Chevre Nib, Maine Mint, Red Raspberry, Rhubarb, Strawberry-Balsamic


Brewed  Drip and air pot
– Small  8 oz.
– Medium 12 oz.
– Large 16 oz.

 Iced coffee
– Medium 12 oz.
– Large 16 oz. 

Espresso Drinks:

Double Espresso


– Medium 12 oz.
– Large 16 oz. 

Cappuccino (double shot)
– Small 8 oz.
– Medium 12 oz.


Sipping Chocolate & Espresso
– Medium 12 oz.
– Large 16 oz. 

Affogato  (Scoop of Vanilla Ice 
Cream topped with 
hot espresso)

Fresh Brewed Teas

Decaf English Breakfast, China Green Young Hyson,Egyptian Peppermint, Irish Breakfast, Earl Grey, Rooibos, Moroccan Mint  
– One Size 12 oz.

Lat-Tea  Tea with steamed milk
– One Size 12 oz. 

Chai  Black Dinah’s own blend
– Medium 12 oz.
– Large 16 oz.  

Chocolate Drinks

Hot Drinking Chocolate - 
Spiced or Unspiced
– Small  8 oz.
– Medium 12 oz. 

Iced Drinking Chocolate - Spiced or Unspiced
– Medium 12 oz.
– Large 16 oz. 

Iced Mocha  - Spiced or Unspiced
– Medium 12 oz.
– Large 16 oz. 

Hot Unspiced Drinking Chocolate with Caramel
– Small  8 oz.
– Medium 12 oz.
Iced Unspiced Drinking Chocolate with Caramel
– Medium 12 oz.
– Large 16 oz. 

Ice Cream

We sell Pugnuts Ice Cream made in the neighboring town of Surry.


We make our own cookies.  Flavors rotate throughout the year. But our favorites are:
Chocolate Chip, Chocolate-Dipped Molasses, Coconut Thumbprint, Pine Nut, Chocolate Meringue, Chai Spiced Snickerdoodle, Peanut Butter Sesame

Slate-Chocolate mixed with some of our favorite ingredients-These rotate throughout the year as well.

Organic Hazelnuts  - 61% bittersweet chocolate
Organic Dried 
Lavender Blossoms - 73% bittersweet chocolate
Roasted Organic Almonds  - 61% bittersweet chocolate, sprinkled with Maine sea salt
Roasted Organic Pecans  - 73% bittersweet chocolate, sprinkled with Ancho chilies and apple-smoked Maine sea salt
Toasted Organic coconut chips  - 45% milk chocolate
Roasted organic peanuts - 45% milk chocolate, sprinkled with Matt’s organic wood-roasted 
coffee beans and 
Maine sea salt.

Blue Hill Tasting Room Specialties
Foil-wrapped shells  

Luster Fish   (Solid bittersweet chocolate fish)



Crystallized ginger  

Crunchy sea-salted pretzels 

Covered in bittersweet chocolate:
Fisherman’s Boots
- Small 
- Large

Dried dates stuffed with a whole organic almond, covered in bittersweet chocolate and sprinkled with organic shredded coconut

Peanut Butter Peepers
Organic, lightly sea-salted peanut butter filling encased in 
bittersweet chocolate.