Indian Curry Milk Chocolate Drinking Chocolate
Indian Curry Milk Chocolate Drinking Chocolate Black Dinah Drinking Chocolate Collection
$ 19.95

Gluten Free Chocolate

Our rich Indian Curry Drinking Chocolate is the next best thing to making your own homemade hot chocolate mix. Maybe even better. Different than your average, everyday hot cocoa mix (which often includes dry milk powder and sugar), we blend single source chocolates from Venezuela with organic cocoa, and then mix in the freshest ground spices on the market to make our Drinking Chocolates.

Mix with milk—or any milk alternative—to create a sipping experience that can be dairy-free and sweetened to your own individual taste. Serve it thick and hot, or chilled over ice and topped with whipped cream for a delicious warm-weather treat.

Each bag of our 12 oz. Drinking Chocolate includes an original recipe from our co-founder Kate Shaffer for treats like Dirty Chai Brownies, Matcha-Cara Cara Pound Cake, and Indian Curry Chocolate Pudding. You can also find more recipes to make with our Drinking Chocolates on Kate’s blog.  Each bag makes about 6-8 Servings.

Ingredients:  Caoba milk chocolate, organic cocoa powder instant espresso powder, ground cinnamon, dried ground ginger, ground cardamom, ground cloves.

Allergens: Contains soy.

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