A Guide to Wedding Favors and Pricing

by Kate Shaffer

Happy…Engagement Season! Yup, it’s a thing. Lots and lots of people get engaged in December, which means January is abuzz with wedding research, planning, and booking.  And searching for wedding favors.

I’ll admit it. I love a good wedding. The dress, the hair, the flowers, the tables, the food, the bar. It’s ironic, really. I think I might have had the most low-maintenance wedding in the entire history of weddings. But even a girl who likes her whiskey straight up can still admire an elaborate cocktail. A beautiful wedding has that same intoxicating allure.

When I got engaged, I had no idea that weddings were a major industry. That most brides were under huge amounts of both social and financial pressure to throw the biggest and best party of their lives. And that the state that I chose to get married in—Maine—was one of the most popular wedding destinations in the country.

As the owner of a fancy chocolate company, I now have a stake—albeit a small one—in this industry that I knew nothing about 20 years ago when I was planning my own wedding. Beautifully-packaged, hand-made chocolates are a popular favor on their own, or a favorite addition to over-the-top gift bags for members of the wedding party. For couples that choose to buck a few traditions, customized or monogrammed truffles and caramels are an excellent alternative to an expensive wedding cake. And—the best news yet—gorgeous, artisanal chocolates are a surprisingly affordable indulgence to offer your guests.

Whenever we get an inquiry from a bride or groom, one of the first questions they ask is “How much is this going to cost?” It doesn’t matter if their budget is tight, or if the sky’s the limit, people want up-front pricing on the goods and services for their big day. And yet, I hear from couples over and over again, that it’s surprisingly difficult to get clear, transparent pricing on wedding services.

From a business-owner’s perspective, I can understand this. Each couple wants something that is uniquely “them,” and so variations on personalized goods and the cost of those goods are almost endless. But from a customer perspective, I not only want to know exactly what I’m paying, I also want to know why. Below, I’ve laid out our basic pricing structure for chocolate favors—AND, I’ve also tried to explain the WHY of the pricing. If you’re a newly-engaged bride or groom, I hope this helps you navigate and understand not only the pricing of truffle favors, but also the cost of other goods and services you might be looking into. Have questions about chocolates for your wedding? Give us a call!

The basics of wedding favors


BD_Wedding Wrapper Shoot_7
Customized Chocolate Bars for wedding favors

This is the simplest, most straightforward favor option we have. You can pick from any of our 7 varieties of chocolate bark, and we can make a custom label for you. Choose your label from any of the available styles and create your own message. Customized Wedding Bark is $5.75 per piece, and there is a minimum order of 50 pieces.  Check out style options here.


Chocolate Truffles for wedding favors

We offer two basic levels of confections/prices (you can click on the different collections to find out what varieties are in each). We refer to these prices as BULK.

Original Collection / $2.00 per piece

Farm Market Collection / $2.60 per piece

What you get: When you order BULK chocolate, you will receive chocolates of your choice in an unadorned box, tied with twine. We will include one insert in each box that identifies your chocolates. There is no minimum order for bulk chocolates.

As an example, let’s say you order 25 Peruvian Varietal Truffles (Original Collection), 25 Flagship Caramels (Original Collection), 25 Blueberry Black Pepper Truffles (Farm Market Collection), and 25 Northern Apple Truffles (Farm Market Collection).

$100 ($2.00 x 50 Original Collection Truffles) + $130 ($2.60 x 50 Farm Market Truffles)  = $230.

What this is good for:

  • DIY favors. You want fancy, delicious chocolates from an award-winning company, but you want to make your own packaging for them. Or you want to have more control over the cost of the packaging.
  • Dessert: Not having a cake? Want to have dessert passed by your caterer like an appetizer? Ordering bulk chocolate is the perfect solution. We can ship them to you directly, to your caterer, or to your venue.
  • Last-minute favors: We need almost no advance notice for orders of bulk chocolate.
Heart Truffles for wedding favors


We can make chocolates that have your initials, wedding date, wedding logo (or anything else you can dream up and provide artwork for) printed on them in colored cocoa butter.  We call this a cocoa butter transfer.

For Customized Bulk there is a minimum order of 250 pieces.

  • Why? We are required to order a minimum amount of customized transfers from the maker, so we pass on that cost to the customer.

There is a one-time set-up fee for customized cocoa butter transfers.

  • Why? We use a graphic designer to translate your artwork into a file that the cocoa butter printing machines can read. She will also size the image so that it fits on a 1-inch x 1-inch piece of chocolate, determine if your chosen color will print well, and adjust the image as necessary. If you use more colors, it costs more. Why? Because the printer needs to run it through the printer a second or third time, depending on how many colors are in your artwork. Printing cocoa butter is a little different than ink. Cocoa butter needs to be melted and cooled to a very specific temperature before it is viable. And each color needs to dry before the next color is printed. Yup, it’s basically magic.

There is an application fee of $0.75 for each customized truffle or caramel.

  • Why? Your special transfer is one that we don’t use on our chocolates, and will probably never use again (unless you re-order for your anniversary). Charging you the $0.75 application fee is merely how we pay for the extra labor involved in putting your customized chocolates into our production queue.
Black Dinah customized wedding favor
Customized wedding favors

The price breakdown for customized bulk chocolates is:

  • One-color set-up fee: $175
  • Two-color set-up fee: $275
  • Three-color set-up fee: $375
  • Application fee per piece: $0.75

So, in real life, a bulk order of 125 Peruvian Varietal truffles and 125 Flagship Caramels with your sky blue wedding logo would cost

$675 (chocolate) +

$175 (one-time one-color set-up fee) +

$187.50 ($.75 application fee x 250)

=  $1,037.50.


4 Piece wedding favors

We can box your chosen truffles or caramels for you, and tie them up with a bow in your wedding colors. These boxes can come with or without our signature rolled map of Isle au Haut. There is no minimum order for boxed truffles or caramels.

Basic pricing for boxed Original Collection truffles or caramels:

  • 1-piece box: $3.50
  • 2 piece box: $5.50
  • 4-piece box: $8.50
  • 8 Piece box: $16.75
  • 18 Piece box: $35.25
  • 28 Piece box: $54.50

If you would like to mix in truffles or caramels from our Farm Market Collection, just add $.60 for each Farm Market chocolate.

So, again, in real life, an order for 150 2-piece wedding favors might look like this:

150 2-piece wedding favors with one Peruvian Varietal Truffle (original collection) and one Maine Mint Truffle (Farm Market Collection) in each box:

$825 (150 x $5.50)

$90 (150 x $.60)                                    +

= $915.


Just as with bulk chocolate, we can customize all or some of the chocolates in your boxes. Or we can customize your ribbon with your names, wedding date, or wedding logo. OR, we can customize the Isle au Haut scroll map with a special message for your guests.

Let’s start with boxed chocolates with a customized cocoa butter transfer.

500 2-piece boxes with one Peruvian Varietal Truffle (original collection) with a custom cocoa butter transfer and one Flagship Caramel (original collection) with no custom transfer:

$2750 (chocolate at 500 x $5.50) +

$175 (one-time, one-color set-up fee) +

$187.50 (cocoa butter transfer application fee at 250 x $.75)

= $3112.50.

Do you want ribbon printed with your names and wedding date? We can order that for you. There is a set up fee of $75 for custom-printed ribbon, and each 100-yard roll costs $105.

1 Piece Wedding Favors

So, the above order, with custom printed ribbon:

$3112.50 +

$75 (set-up fee for ribbon) +

$315 ($105 x 3 rolls)

= $3502.50

And, if you want to go all out and include an Isle au Haut map scroll with a special message for your guests, add $1 per box. So,

$3502.50 +


= $4002.50

2 piece wedding favors


We start discounting for volume when your order exceeds $500. Our discount schedule is as follows:

$500-$1499: 5%

$1500-$2999: 10%

Over $3,000: 15%

So, the above order with all the bells and whistles, would receive a 15% discount ($600.38) (before tax and shipping, of course) for a total of $3402.12.

So there you have it. I hope this guide helps, and if we can assist you with your wedding favor or dessert needs, please don’t hesitate to give us a call!